The main raw material used for production is pine. We have our own sawing lines where we get  sawn timber and semi-finished products. We dry the lumber used in laminated elements in our own computer-controlled drying chamber to get the necessary parameters of humidity.

We are manufacturing arched elements using pneumatic presses and special adhesives.

We process the wood with modern multi-head planers to get the highest quality.

Finished goods are pressure treated with agents on wishes of our customers.

We use for treatment chromium agents such as Korasit CCON of Obermeier and chromium-free agents, such as the CX-10 Wolmanit of Dr. Wolman GmbH.




Katalog Zielony Dąb

Quality and durability

In order to protect our products against damaging influence of fungai and insects we treated our products with vaccum pressure impregnation method. In the process of impregnation we apply chromeless impregnate Wolmanjt CX-10. The substance applied is produced by German company Dr. Wolman GmbH. This product provides the highest quality (guaranteed by BASF concern) simultaneously it is environment friendly.

About Company

We specialise in wooden garden goods production, concetrate on producing a variety of shield fences, pergola, bin covers etc. We pressure impregnate our fabrications with high quality fungicide.


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